Thursday, January 29, 2015

just another day in paradise

In between all the snow
pictures online, these shots
pop up on my
Facebook page.


Just another day at the beach
for niece Leah, married to our
Marine nephew, Jesse.
Leah is passing the time while
Jesse is gone by strolling
on the beach and reading
and taking great pictures.

I am sure she is doing lots 
of other things, but this is 
what comes across to us folks 
over here on the mainland 
who are busy 
getting in firewood 
and cooking hot soup 
and making quilts 
to stay warm.

Thanks Leah 
for sharing your 
day in pictures, 
wish we were there!

Speaking of making quilts, this is one I started last summer, it is kind of in limbo, not sure where it is going, Funny how the colors are similar to the Hawaii pictures above :)

split decision quilt

Pre-cut fabric worked well, I used a jelly roll like this for this pattern called Split Decision. This is the first time using batik fabric. It is beautiful but kind of stiff. Research discovered the stiffness is from all the dye and to remove the dye you must wash it with a product called Synthrapol in the washing machine with lots of Color Catchers. I haven't tried washing it yet, fingers crossed. There is so much to learn about quilting!

Just another day in paradise, as Buddy would say (sarcastically), but I believe Leah can use that phrase literally. 

~photos by Leah, used with permission


Lainee said...

Pretty quilt...the border makes the inner part look like it's floating on Hawaii!

Janet Copenhaver said...

Beautiful photos and quilt!

Terri said...

Love the pictures, and your quilt. I do feel like I live in Paradise... I have running water - and after quite a while it's hot, too. I've got indoor plumbing. I don't know if you ever used an outhouse, but Grandma had one on the farm when we went to visit, and I can tell you - even in summer - it's not a place you want to spend time.
I've got a roof and heat and the sun shining some days. Oh yeah! and a room full of fabric stash waiting for me. It's my idea of Paradise