Saturday, November 1, 2014

ready for winter

tools and supplies

plunder, pieces, and parts

Camping in South Dakota in the winter, a good idea?

We are in our winter campsite, one of the four campsites that are winterized and open all year. All the other sites will be closed down, the water lines blown out.

When we moved, we noticed our neighbor working on underpinning his camper with Styrofoam boards and plywood. So that got Buddy to thinking... He did some online research and decided he better do that, too. 

The roofer on the job was using 2-1/2" foam board insulation with fiberglass coating, and he just happened to have some left over, no really it was extra... So it came home on the truck and that is what we used, along with eye-bolts, washers, and lots of bungee cords.

Now we are in the trailer park mode, all underpinned and permanent-looking. We asked the campground owners if it was okay, didn't want to offend, but they said, 'do whatever you have to do to stay warm'.

Will let you know in the spring if this was a good idea or not :)

Heat tape on the water line, underpinning, gas furnace, electric space heater, electric blankets (one for bed, one for couch), extension cord to plug in the diesel truck. Still need to get a bigger propane tank delivered and maybe a snow shovel? yikes! 

Well, that is a list of the things that Buddy needs to survive the winter.

I have all I need, a plane ticket outta here!

It's been great, South Dakota, but I am headed to Georgia!

but wait, what is that you say? it is snowing in Georgia? oh man... it is supposed to be in the 70s here today...


Rapid City


Linda J said...

I did wonder if you were on a quick trip back but apparently GA will be home base for you while Buddy finishes the job. With the holidays coming all too quickly, plus winter in the Midwest, I can see why you need to head back! Hopefully he can join you soon.

Safe travels and hopefully the weather dudes are just in the what could happen mode and not what does happen mode; no cancellations or long delays in your flights.

Paula, the quilter said...

Mother Nature doesn't seem to cut you a break. Safe travels.