Monday, November 3, 2014

the trip home

the miracle of flight no jet engine
just old fashioned prop, keeping my eye on it out the window
free soda, no peanuts or cookies, no room for bags

patchwork fields below, dusty browns and greens
crop circles and stripes and squares
wind turbines going round

in another world up here, time to escape into a good book
listening to Bill Bryson's antics on the AT
wishing I was on A Walk in the Woods

 Atlanta! riding the plane train and the long escalator up up up
greeted at the top with Hi Mom! by 3 of my favorite girls
on to Cracker Barrel - southern food sweet tea blackberry cobbler

then another long ride to the mountains
watch out for the deer on the side of the road
wading through piles of crunchy leaves to the front door

home sweet home

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Frances Cornish said...

I always consider the actual travel as such an important part of the holiday. The anticipation of getting there and, after a good holiday, the joy of getting home again. Although I must admit that fifteen hour flights, eg. Vancouver to Sydney direct, can become a bit tiring in the last few hours.