Thursday, October 30, 2014

its a job

it is starting to look like a truck stop !? love the purple!

concrete lanes poured, check!

red gravel base down!

rollers and packers, wait for it...

and finally! asphalt on the ground, woohoo!

A momentous day, the one they have all been working toward, paving day! See the thing is, asphalt cannot be put down if the temperature is less than 45. The deadline looms near - the asphalt plant usually closes mid November, until Spring - which could be May 2015. If they didn't get the asphalt down before the plant closes, the job would be on hold until next year, and according to Love's that is not acceptable - just think of all that lost revenue! 

Of course, it will take many more days of good weather to pave the entire site, but now that it is started, spirits are high and the end is in sight. It's a job, somebody's gotta do it.

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Linda J said...

another job that is quite dependent on weather, it would appear. Rain,snow, above and below freezing. The exterior is shaping up quite nicely. Go crew go.