Monday, October 13, 2014

not Columbus Day

Crazy Horse Memorial

celebratory powwow

Today is Native Americans Day here in South Dakota, NOT Columbus Day. 

Since 1990, South Dakota is the only state in the nation to celebrate Native American Day, when all other states are observing Columbus Day. South Dakota honors its cultural heritage, and is home to nine tribes of Sioux peoples.

The local celebration will be at the Crazy Horse Memorial. Following a scheduled blast on the mountain, all visitors are invited to stay for a free lunch of traditional Native American buffalo stew. 

At the first holiday gathering, Gov. Mickelson told more than 1,200 people, “We can’t turn back the clock. We can only turn to the future together. What we can do as leaders, both Native American and white, is teach others that we can change attitudes.”  ~ 

No love for Columbus here, discovered America indeed! I don't think so...

~pictures from Black Hills Travel Blog

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Linda J said...

According to the link I posted on FB an old WP article from last year. "For various reasons, many places have changed the name of the holiday. Berkeley, California, replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992 to honor the original inhabitants of the islands where Columbus landed. In 1989, South Dakota started calling the holiday Native American Day. Alabama celebrates a combination of Columbus Day and American Indian Heritage Day, and Hawaii calls it Discovery Day. Other countries also celebrate Columbus with different holidays; for example, in the Bahamas, it is called Discovery Day, and as Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain." Honestly I don't what they do here in AL other than no school and no mail being a federal holiday for some strange reason. 17202