Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SD Rocks!

backside of dam

pine beetles

Sylvan Lake was created in 1881 when Theodore Reder built a dam across Sunday Gulch. 

Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park, much quieter now that a lot of the other tourists are gone. A full sensory experience - water, sky, trees, sun, breeze, and lots of ROCKS! Whether you walk around the lake trail, climb on rocks, have a picnic lunch, or just sit and enjoy the view, a great place to visit.  

Saturday was a beautiful day, in the 70s, sunny. We spent the afternoon in Custer State Park, did a little hiking, drove through the needles highway, saw some buffalo, a nice day. But we kept watching the time as we were headed to the Alpine Inn in Hill City for supper. 

Our list of places to see and go is dwindling down. We were told early on to eat at the Alpine Inn, but to wait until the tourists had gone home or it would be way too long a wait. According to the locals, timing is key. The doors open at 5 for supper, but you must be on the big covered porch before that to get in line. 

The menu is simple, with the only choice being the size of the steak: 6 oz or 9 oz bacon-wrapped filet mignon, served with a baked potato, toast and a quarter wedge of lettuce with our delectable homemade ranch dressing.

That's right, no choice of even salad dressing, no loaded baked potato, no other sides, keep it simple.

Then there is the dessert menu. The campground owner was actually drooling just talking about it. 

We made it in time, secured our place in line, and ate the delicious steaks. Alpine Inn - check!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Sure sounds good after a hard hike. Great photos by the way.