Friday, October 10, 2014


Canyon Lake is disappearing... the wintertime project of spillway repair has begun, the lake will be drained of all water, the project will last through March 2015.

When we first arrived here, a local man told us the lake is home to ducks and geese, and then during fall migration there would be hundreds more geese here for about 6 weeks before moving on. He also said the lake freezes solid in the winter months. But this year will be different with the lake being drained. The geese won't like it!

Sometimes I hear the geese honking overhead, maybe they are saying, "Honk if you love Canyon Lake!"

Maintenance is key to keeping up a beautiful park like this, and the Rapid City Public Works Department does a great job on this and all the local parks. The joys of park maintenance.

I was out yesterday taking these pictures before the lake disappears, while walking I met a lady who said they have to drain the lake periodically to clean out the goose poop :)


Gypsy Quilter said...

I wonder if the lake cleaners get hazmat suits and special compensation?

Linda J said...

Guess that is when 100's means more cleanup! Gorgeous lake though and love seeing the fall color in the photos you took.