Monday, July 28, 2014

surprised again

We flew home from South Dakota for Melissa's graduation. She said they were having a little graduation cookout on Sunday afternoon if we wanted to come. I was very surprised when I thought I was walking into Melissa's graduation party, but I was greeted with banners of Happy Birthday and lots of folks shouting SURPRISE!

I was totally clueless. I had made a cake for the occasion. The line of cars on the street did not give anything away. I totally missed the banner outside the house...

It seems this had been in the works for weeks, even before she came out to surprise me on my actual birthday earlier in July. There was even a Facebook event to which everyone was invited (except me!). 

I was unofficially inducted into the Red Hat Society, with a different hat for every day of the week. I was given lots of Old Folks paraphernalia like pill organizers and magnifying glass and laxatives. 

I saw my life flash before my eyes looking at a LOT of old pictures of myself through the years.

I thought this momentous birthday was in the past, had even forgotten about it, but some folks just won't let you forget...

It was great to see everyone, all the family and even some neighbors! Once again Melissa has gone above and beyond, thanks! She reminded me it could have been worse... no coffins or cemetery flowers... yet.

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