Tuesday, June 3, 2014

welcome to the family

bridal shower for Nicole, fiancee of nephew Justin

Grandma (Sue) Schuler gracious host

Nicole's mom, Madison, Melissa, Nicole

Kay, Sue, Lisa, Heidi

lots of family and friends, lots of presents, food, fun times!

A family is a patchwork quilt

A lifetime being sewn
Each piece is an original
With beauty of its own

The brightest patches may be new
And get the most attention
But the pieces that are loved and worn
Help give our quilt dimension

Threads of humor, faith and love
Will keep our quilt together
To last in love throughout the years
And wrap us close forever


Welcome to the family, Nicole!

ATTENTION:  This is NOT a family heirloom quilt! There are a few of those packed away that you will probably inherit one day. This quilt was made by machine and can and should be washed by machine. The more it is used and washed the softer it gets. Recommended - delicate wash, cold water, (not with jeans or other rough material), machine dry delicate or cool. 

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Linda J said...

What a lovely day with family and friends!

The quilt turned out beautifully, Susan. Now that the niece and nephew have seen it, it is time to share in this forum. Well done, auntie.