Thursday, May 29, 2014

a happy quilt

a happy quilt

Fresh by Mary Giacomini
(used with permission of artist)

a happy quilt is soft from many washings
a little frayed around the edges - are your quilts happy?

you receive a handmade quilt for a gift
what to do - what if it gets dirty or damaged
better to just store it away
safe from dust and light and pets
and kids and life.... please don't!

maybe it starts out displayed on the wall or couch,
over time ends up in the guest room or linen closet,
laid on the floor for a baby to crawl on,
back to the couch to cover sick ones,
even dragged around at times

as the years go by the transition
is made from being a 'good quilt'
to the 'go-to quilt' for family adventures
thrown into the back of the car for road trips
and impromptu picnics and sandy beaches

as it grows even older it becomes faded
has stains and wrinkles and even a few holes
it is just getting good now, really soft
it might even end up as a dog bed
a happy quilt indeed

a happy quilt does not live in a cedar chest or plastic tote
it wants to be washed and cuddled and loved
so don't protect it from life
use it, love it, let it lead a full and happy life and
become part of your family memories

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