Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a grand graduation

Graduation 2013

What did I take away from graduation day 2013? I know it is not all about me, but… watching your grandkids graduate turns out to be a very emotional experience!

First we had to hurry and leave 2 hours before the ceremony that was 15 minutes away, so we could get a parking place and a seat, it seems high school graduation is pretty popular 'round these parts. Then since it was in the 40s that morning we wore warm clothes and 'bout near burned up sitting there in the sun on the bleachers at the football field. But it was a beautiful day, blue sky, green grass, purple graduation gowns.

Even though there were 246 graduates, we only had eyes for Kyle 
(awesome photo by Madison - Kyle's sister)

Our clan gathered together and beamed with pride when grandson Kyle walked by in the procession and just had to do a shout-out even though we were warned against such disrespect, but hey it is a celebration, right! At least we didn’t bring an air horn like that one family… lol. I could hardly see through my camera lens when they started playing the graduation march, maybe it was the music, or just watching all those kids march in, so many we had watched grow up over the years. Kyle was in the first group - the HONOR students, awesome job!

Madison and Shelby with 2 grandpas in the background

The week leading up to the ceremony was loaded with preparations, mostly for the party! Lots of cooking and planning came together on Saturday afternoon with a yard full of friends and family for a celebratory cookout! It was awesome to see everyone and catch up on all the news. So many burgers and dogs and cupcakes and HUGS! 

t-shirt quilt
graduation t-shirt quilt

I finally unveiled the t-shirt quilt made especially for this milestone, it was sad to see it go, but the smile on his face made it worth it. Its future may include being kicked off a college dorm bed, have beer coke spilled on it, or dragged through the sand at the beach, and all that is OKAY!  The more it is washed and the older it gets the softer it becomes, kinda like granmas…

the tassel is worth the hassle

Among the souvenirs of the day, Kyle has some cash (new tires)… has his cap and gown and honor sash… which will probably be packed away, but the lasting keepsake of this momentous day is the rear-view mirror bling in the form of the coveted TASSEL!  Way to go Kyle, so proud!

woohoo! hats off!

Kyle and mom

Kyle's mom - big grin - huge - maybe she is she thinking… 2 down, 2 to go!!!

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