Friday, May 31, 2013


the scout - hmmm this satellite dish looks pretty good

me carry BIG sticks

geesh, look at these BIG sticks he brought, can't build a nest with them!

yes I threw them all out - now bring me something I can use!

will just do it myself 

must hurry - about to pop...

Northern Mockingbirds making a home on the satellite dish just outside our camper window! It has been very entertaining, apparently they are new at this, first timers. They would put one stick in and two would fall out. Buddy the Builder wanted to go out there and help them. But then all of a sudden they got serious and finished it in one day - and not too soon, the next day there was an egg! Guess she put her foot down and made it happen. 

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Linda J said...

almost a case of the rooster may crow but the hen delivers the goods? Fun to watch!