Monday, February 4, 2013


I've got mail! Received this on Saturday, stories recorded last Thanksgiving by my cousin Cindi with her dad, my 88-year-old uncle John. So good to hear his voice, and the stories are priceless! He talks about growing up with my mom. Lots of war stories about Italy and France, I  have only just started to listen, so much more to come!

I am going to transcribe the voice recording into a typed document to get the stories down on paper and to share with any family member who wants them. But the voice file is so much more valuable than the written words!

Cindi did her homework before she started, researching how to interview to get the best stories, what questions to ask to prompt memories.

As an example, she asked, "Did you ever go on vacation when you were growing up?"

"Occasionally we would go up to Gainesville, Georgia, that is where Daddy was from and where his Daddy lived, in the Blue Ridge mountains. We just went all day, and you patched your tires going and patched the tires coming back. When you went off in a car then, you tied two or three spares on the back, some of them had places you could bolt spares on each front fender, then you would tie a few on top, and you still had cold patches you would patch them with, and you didn't get home until all your patches were gone, I mean it was just that bad, tires were just nothing, and the roads were terrible."

And this one, which pretty much sums it up (about my mom), Cindi asked, "Did you usually get along with Alma?"

"Alma and I got along good, because I always did what she wanted done, you know." 

Lots more to come, 197 minutes of interview! 

Collecting family stories - so easy to do, so interesting and important for future generations, the folks want to talk, they just need someone to listen - so Just Do It!

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