Tuesday, February 12, 2013


take a break and look at the clouds

I've been running 'round in circles for a week or so, lots of work going on. Lots of work at my paying job - I asked my boss, "Lots of work, someone must be out?" "No, we are all here." Job security!?

t-shirt rug

Lots of work at home, so many projects, deadlines, I wonder when/if I can retire? But the day job pays for all the other stuff I do, so I guess I will keep on plugging along.

Just found out we may be moving to Kentucky soon for work, so my To Do List just got longer, things to do before I leave town. Things like income taxes, quilt to finish, several family birthdays coming up, a housewarming to plan, whew! I hope my resume says, "Works well under pressure!"

Last night was spent working on income taxes. I use a computer program to do Federal and Georgia taxes and e-file, but last year we also worked in Maryland and Kansas, so there are two more states to file… and I am too cheap to buy the programs for those two states. Tax preparation has really benefited from the computer age. I printed and filled out tax forms for those two states, old school, line-by-line with a pencil. Wow, that brought back memories, and not good ones! 

This morning I was working away (at my day job) and noticed the clouds and mountains out the window, so I just stopped, went outside, took a few deep breaths, taking it all in.

I was reminded of last fall (was it just 5 months ago that we were on vacation? it seems like ages) when we were in Glacier National Park. We were enjoying the beautiful view at Hidden Lake and a nearby photographer was complaining about the sunny sky, where are the clouds? Clouds apparently add depth and texture to an otherwise clear (and boring?) picture.   

Anyway, looking out at the mountains and clouds always make my tasks seem small in perspective, just try it sometime.

view from deck

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