Wednesday, February 27, 2013

bird bath

ahh, some alone time in the puddle
one girl's puddle is another girl's spa
bad hair day
hey, no guys allowed!
everyone jump in!

Did you ever play in a mud puddle? Lots of fun for kids and apparently birds too. We are camping out near the TN/KY border and watching lots of birds. Maybe they are on their way back north, thinking it is almost spring? Maybe they live here. Whichever, it is a nice view out my office window!

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Mumbles said...

I was born on the east coast, but moved to the west very young--six years old. It took me years to figure out that there really were no cardinals or fireflies in the west. After 40 years, I moved back to the east coast, and I have more pictures of cardinals (and attempted pictures and videos of fireflies) than I can count. You have lovely pictures here, and nice ideas, too. I'm enjoying reading!