Friday, February 22, 2013

got film?

got film?

Hey, Buddy!

I’m taking a photography class this semester and we require cameras. Mom & Keith are letting me use their old digital camera and because the teacher has a lack of cameras, I figured I’d bring my own film camera too. I was wondering if you had any that I could borrow for my class?


pre-digital camera bag and accessories

Sorry to say I got home, got out my old 35mm camera and got some new batteries for it, but for some reason the shutter is not functioning. I will play with it some more if I come home next weekend but for now it is out of commission.
Are you going to be doing darkroom work? What are you mostly going to be shooting, landscapes, architecture, nature, all of the above? If you have time sometime I will tell you about my adventure in photography which started at Georgia Tech taking architecture major. I got into darkroom work and set up a darkroom in the basement with an enlarger, developing tanks, etc. I did mostly black and white but got into doing prints from slides later as slides were the economical way to go at the time. Anyway...........if you are interested.........
Love Ya...........Buddy.

stop action!

As of right now we’re making pinhole cameras out of cardboard boxes! We’re going to put light sensitive paper in them and take them outside to take a picture, then we’ll go into the darkroom and learn how to develop the photo!
Later we’ll be given a roll of film and we are supposed to take pictures and then develop them. When we give the pictures to our teacher we’re supposed to tell her why we took that picture in particular. So really we can take whatever pictures we want. After the film cameras we’re going to move onto digital and work with those cameras and Photoshop. ~ Madison



High school, we didn't have interesting classes like photography! When Madison asked for an old film camera, Buddy thought why would anyone go back to film when we have digital? But they are learning how it all works, or worked in the olden days... lol.  Fun to see kids get excited about school!

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Linda J said...

I have a niece that is a senior in high school that is quite interested in photography. Whether she had a course at school like Madison is doing or is just learning by trial and error, I don't know. She seems to have quite an eye for it though, composition and focus. Has even done a few friend's weddings, it would seem.