Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Driving down our road, I did a double-take when passing the house next door, as did most of the neighbors. Since no one was home (except the flamingos), I called Melissa's cell phone and asked her WHAT is in your yard?  She was clueless, said they weren't there when she left for school earlier.

When she came home, Melissa found this flock of flamingos in her yard with the sign I've Been Flocked! The note on the front door described a local school fundraiser, where someone (the Shaw family) donated $15 for 15 flamingos to be placed in her yard for 3 days. The note also stated that if you didn't want the flock for 3 days, you could purchase flock removal service for $15. 

Sophie's like, "I don't want to be flocked!"


Linda J said...

The first time I heard about that practice was also a fund raiser---in Illinois so that pre-dates 1997. LOL Eye catching,huh?

Gypsy Quilter said...

She could send them here. Heaven knows there are enough other critters in the yard.

Everything Changes said...

How fun!