Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the list

It is that time of year again, time to give thanks and make lists.  I recently gathered up store ads and started a grocery list.  Melissa mentioned that she had the menu from last year if I wanted it, and I promptly received via e-mail about 8 pages, all of her lists from last year.  There was the menu with who's bringing what and what size bowl it needs.  The list of groceries needed, all typed up on spreadsheet - one in alphabetical order and one in store department order (produce, canned goods… etc.), and then another list with the order of cooking - Wednesday the cold stuff, Thursday's oven time schedule, each casserole given its allotted time.  Wow, talk about organized! 

I have been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for many years, but I didn't cook Thanksgiving dinner last year.  We were working away from home and only flew in on Wednesday like so many other travelers, something we had never done before, traveled on Thanksgiving.  So I didn’t cook.  You never would have known it.  The setting was the same, the menu was the same, the family members around the table were the same.  Everything turned out the same as always.  The kids all pitched in and made it happen (aka Melissa the first born stepped up), they gathered my old gravy-stained recipes, did the shopping and cooking and delegating, Carrie and Daniel helped with cleaning and moving furniture and setting up.  It was like we had never been gone.  It was really nice, just walking in and eating dinner without all the work, I could get used to that!  Something to look forward to when I am retired, I can just sit back in my big chair and watch!

Back to normal this year, we are home.  Buddy did his annual window cleaning which is no small task since our A-frame windows are 30+ feet above the living room floor on the inside and that far above the deck on the outside.  While up there he also eradicated temporarily the ever-present cobwebs and dust layer.  And checked out the Christmas lights which also follow the shape of the house up to the apex.  His to-do list is laying here on his desk, this Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving, it is mostly all crossed off.

I was just telling the girls about what I believe was the first time I actually cooked Thanksgiving dinner, we were in Tampa in a 2 bedroom apartment, I don't remember much about that day except using my ironing board for a buffet table (see picture below).  Buddy's parents were vacationing in Florida for their anniversary and my folks had recently made the retirement move there also, so they all came over.  Good memories.

An ironing board makes a great adjustable-height table, what have you used your ironing board for (besides ironing)?

So make your lists and get out the old worn recipe cards and stand in line at the grocery store, it is worth all the time and work to get to sit down and look around at your whole extended family gathered around your table.  I am thankful to be able to do this year after year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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