Monday, November 19, 2012

kitchen sink view

'view from kitchen sink' 

House hunting.  What do you look for in a house?  Is it possible to find the perfect one?

Carrie has been looking at houses for a few months. There was always something wrong, too old, too small, too noisy, the weird one with the well in the back room…and the ones she did like were either scooped up by someone else or bogged down in bank paperwork.  She would take her dad along to look at houses, her own personal house inspector.  He would point out all kinds of flaws on house after house.

But now she thinks she has found her perfect house.  Realtor Irene was elated when even inspector Dad liked this latest house, saying, "You mean it passed the Buddy test?"  There is no basement or garage for storage, which he mentioned.  But Irene said they could always add a garage down the road, at which point I had a blond moment while I turned and looked down the road and wondered why they would want to build a garage there… Carrie had to 'splain it to me, uh oh, we used to have to explain stuff to her, have we come full circle already? 

Anyway, this is a keeper, it has porches and woods and a view, even nice neighbors who came over while we were all looking at the house on Saturday.  She took a lot of pictures, I love the labels - 'large showers', 'view from back porch', 'front porch honeysuckle', 'view from kitchen window'.  

Carrie and Daniel will have to adjust to being homeowners, no more calling the landlord if something breaks, but of course there is that other number that is on speed dial:  1-800-CALLDAD. 


Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh that's cute. Room for a garden even! Congratulations.

Everything Changes said...

Love the view and the wood floors!