Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bigfork, MT

Today we took a day off from sightseeing, got some supplies and groceries and moved our camper down to Bigfork, MT, since we were invited to eat dinner with Buddy's boss, Carl and his wife Bert. The idea for the 5 week sabbatical was a brainstorm of Carl's, so he had a lot of questions for us and they were both very interested in our trip so far.

Buddy is only the second person in the company to take advantage of this remarkable offer so far. One of the girls in the office had a great trip this summer with her family, a cruise and a trip to visit extended family up north. We received the company e-mail with the story of her trip and lots of pictures. So Buddy figured he was to do the same, share our adventures and pictures with all the co-workers also. But we found out that someone else is doing the writing, kind of a ghostwriter? - she will be asking pertinent questions to tell the story. I wonder if maybe Buddy's version would have too many y'alls and youns...

Carl said that when Barbara found out she didn't have to write her own story, she was glad because she could never compete with Buddy's storytelling.

We had a great time visiting with Carl and Bert, a delicious meal, enjoyed sitting by the fireplace out on the porch while watching the sun set over the mountains across Flathead Lake. Their house is amazing, but we learned that they are just staying there temporarily until they find the person who wants to buy it - Carl likes to buy a house and put a lot of time and work into it and then sell it, kind of a hobby?

After hearing our stories, on the way out to leave, Carl pulled a can of bear spray out of his truck and gave it to us (just in case)!

I did not take my camera when visiting, it seemed rude, and I figured they wouldn't want to end up on my blog! Picture above of Flathead Lake while out shopping.

So tomorrow it is up early and hit the road south for Yellowstone!

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 19
miles today 85/total miles 3753
Outback Montana CG
Outback Montana Campground
Bigfork, MT
temp lo 43/hi 77
elevation 3060

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