Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today we decided to avoid the crowds and head up into the remote northwest part of Glacier NP via North Fork Road - 36 miles most of which were unpaved. We were reminded of the way our road used to be, dust and washboards and chatter.

Our destination: Polebridge Mercantile. Old fashioned store with a reputation for delicious baked goods. The wonderful smell was in the air as soon as we got out of the truck (well after we visited the outhouse). They are definitely off the grid here, there was a propane tank and solar panels, and a pay phone on the porch. As for the pastries, of course we had to buy some, and they were delicious!

When leaving Polebridge we noticed a sign for Bowman Lake, so we headed there. 6 miles of even worse gravel one-lane road. We felt like we were heading so far back that we would not see anyone for a long time. It was lunchtime and I was thinking we would eat in the truck so the grizzlies wouldn't get us. But as we rounded the bend and saw the parking area for the lake, it was full of cars, the campground was pretty full too. I guess like always - everyone has the same idea as us. But what a hidden gem - Bowman Lake makes great pictures!

I was reminded of a t-shirt I saw at one of the local shops describing Glacier - REMOTE - not the thing on the coffee table.

Well today was our last day in Glacier! Heading out tomorrow toward Yellowstone, but stopping along the way to have supper with Buddy's boss who lives here in Montana, and who provided us with this opportunity of a lifetime trip!

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Wild West Road Trip - day 18
miles today 104/total miles 3668
Mountain Meadows CG
Hungry Horse, MT
temp lo 31/hi 62
elevation at Bowman Lake 4035

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