Friday, September 14, 2012


We made it! What a huge park - once through the entrance gate, it was still 40 miles to our campsite. The camper is now all set up in Fishing Bridge CG, the only campground in the National Park with hookups. There is just one little thing about this campground - it sits in the Grizzly migration path, so no tents allowed, no soft-sided campers (like pop-ups), only hard-sided RVs. We are sitting by the window waiting for the great migration.

The whole idea of the timing of this trip was to come after Labor Day to avoid the crowds. Well the folks at Yellowstone apparently did not get the memo. Our first clue was at the entrance gate - the sign said Lodging Full. Thank goodness we made this reservation! The campground is full also, this particular campground has 358 sites, and is only one of 12 campgrounds, making a total of 2185 campsites in this enormous National Park. Enough stats, that is too much like work!

There is a wildfire burning in the park, we drove through a smoky area and saw a sign that said Fire Maintained, Do Not Report. Hopefully it will not burn any more of these beautiful fir trees and hopefully the smoke will not impact our outside activities over the next few days like hiking and bear encounters...

We saw some wildlife grazing by the river on the way in - the tourists were all in a tither, parked on both sides of the road, the ranger was trying his best to keep people from walking out in traffic. Folks are so funny to watch in these situations.

Then we went out at dusk to see if any wild things were out and about, just saw this one buffalo walking in traffic.

No cell service in the park, no wifi, no internet - what will we do? Just be on vacation I guess.

So we finally made it to Yellowstone, let the adventure begin!

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Wild West Road Trip - day 20
miles today 419/total miles 4172
Fishing Bridge CG
Yellowstone NP, WY
temp lo 38/hi 78
elevation 7800

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