Monday, October 31, 2011

on parade

Fantasy Fest souvenirs



favorite movie characters like Chunk

and Beetlejuice

scary puppet baby

and zombies

and lots of breasts!

Ever since we learned that we were headed to Key West, folks would tell us about Fantasy Fest, saying what a spectacle it was, Key West version of Mardi Gras. So back in August we googled it, and we knew what to expect.

There were lots of elaborate costumes and lots of no costume at all!

With October being breast cancer awareness month, the breasts were well represented at Fantasy Fest. Large, small, perky, pendulous, young, old, all were hanging loose and proud to be on display. Self confidence is something we all try to instill in our daughters... well maybe not this much!

Almost everything was covered with elaborate artistic body painting, so it was like a walking art gallery to us on the sidelines.

This is obviously a good place for all of these free spirits to live or just to visit, so if you are comfortable in your skin and are so inclined to shed your heavy winter clothes there is a time and place for you do to just that, the last week of October in Key West, Florida.


The Calico Cat said...

Jelly fish! Jacob loves jellyfish! In school they do a lot of things with letters including the kids names so he says things like "W is for William" as we drive by Wal-Mart. We say, "But J is for Jellyfish."

Gypsy Quilter said...

You know, I'm beginning to wonder if you'll want to come back to the nice quiet, boring mountains.

Barbara Morey said...

You'd better find a nice little bungalow in Old Town. When it comes time to leave only then will you realize just how much KW has become a part of you. I always cried when it was time for us to leave.