Monday, August 1, 2011

a wild and crazy bunch

Mammoth Cave National Park
in Kentucky, home of the longest cave in the world - over 360 miles charted so far, but according to the ranger -
"We haven't found the end of it yet!"

There are lots of tame walking cave tours available, but then there is the Wild Cave Tour!


6-1/2 hours

5 miles

chest or hip measurement must not exceed 42 inches - if you are larger, you cannot physically pass through the crawl spaces

don helmets, headlamps, coveralls, boots and kneepads and venture into miles of undeveloped passageways

climb, crawl and canyonwalk your way through passageways no other tour sees


You must be prepared for:

free-climbing cave walls

lengthy crawls through areas as tight as 9 inches high

walking in a crouched position

hand and knee crawls over jagged rocks and dirt

crawling through wet areas

twisting into and out of tight crawl-way openings

Difficulty: Very Strenuous.


Cool Aunt Carrie came through with her promise to Kyle and Sarah: When you turn 16 I will take you on the Wild Cave Tour!

A great time was had by all, the muscles are sore, the bruises are getting bigger, the stories are being told and retold.

Three generations have now done this adventure, another family tradition - can't wait for the next time!

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Keith said...

We can wait a while for the next generation!