Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last week I was home alone and talking to myself. It started over the previous weekend when I was dog-sitting and me and Sophie would sit on the couch for a conversation, but it continued long after she was gone home. Then this past weekend Tasha came over for a visit and I could continue my conversation without being worried about being branded as crazy. Maybe that is why so many people have dogs to talk to.

Sophie's usual state

Sophie is no longer a puppy and appreciates the couch and sleeping, kind of like me.

Tasha - wanna play?

Tasha is still young and full of energy and wants to play - all the time! Fetch the stick or the ball or run or walk or hike or get in the creek.

I have always said that talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence, but just to be safe from being committed, I will try to refrain from that unless the granddogs are around. They are great listeners and always agree with me!


Carrie (Tasha's mom) said...

You're such a great grand-dog sitter :) Thanks MOM!!! ;D

Beth said...

We have our granddog till January while our daughter deploys. BOY is he a ball of energy at 6 am! have you ever woken up to see two eyes looking STRAIGHT down into your eyes? He is cute tho..and I will miss him when he goes home to his mom!