Thursday, July 7, 2011

bookshelf filler

bookshelf filler

In this day and age of printed books being converted to digital media to be read on computers or hand-held devices, I seem to be moving backward. I just finished a project to convert my digital computer blog into printed book form. Bookshelf filler, something else to dust, something for the kids to divide up long after I am gone.

blog-to-books 2005-2010

The latest edition here from the printers, whew! Something else to mark off the To Do list! All caught up with making blog books, 2005-2010. Thanks to Groupon for the $45 coupons or I would have been too frugal to finish this project.

Seeing all this in print makes me wary of blog posting, makes me think twice about posting just rambling thoughts or ideas or potentially silly stuff... it will be on the bookshelf for future generations to read... but then I am the book editor can and only publish what I want to!

Excerpt from 2010 book:

Life's a trip when you hear those first words from your baby or those last words from your parent and all those words in between that make up the pieces of your life.

Pieces of life can be gathered into a patchwork timeline, t-shirt quilts are a great way to do this. Like blogs, t-shirt quilts hold memories and good times, document dates and places, each piece placed and set in time and book and quilt and memory.

Don't forget any of the pieces of your life and family, from the everyday to the momentous days, preserve the memories, sew them in to quilts, write them down, pass on family stories, copy your old home movies and give out to the family, take lots of pictures, hug your kids and grandkids.

Life is a mirror.
We look forward, that's the future.
We look back, remember and learn
- that's a reflection.

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Rose said...

First I was going to comment, then I wasn't...then I saw "Just Passin' Thru" on your shelf and had to comment...I picked that up at the library today.

I keep thinking I will have my Pics & Pieces blog made into a book, but I have yet to do it. Did you have some place do it, or did you buy some of the better computer paper and print it and have it bound? (I know that way would take a lot of time and ink, etc...but have actually thought about doing it that way..a little bit at a time.)