Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carrie's tees #2

t-shirt quiltThe quilter lady really did a great job on this one, as usual, outlining all of the squares and then doing specialized designs in each one, changing thread to match the background in each t-shirt square. Thanks, Peg Hasbrouck for your excellent work, the quilting really makes the quilt!


kermie design

each letter outlined

quilt label
Carrie's Tees #2
life and other unfinished business
love, Mom :)


Carrie said...

YAY! Thanks MOM - - - and PEG! :D It looks soooo great! I can't wait for it to get cold again so I can put it to good use!

patty a. said...

I just found you when looking at the comments on Exuberant Color's blog. The t-shirt quilt is wonderful. I have made several - some with sashing and one mosaic style quilt. I have one on the sewing table right now that I am going to start quilting tonight (check out my blog post today), I have a niece and nephew graduating that are both going to get a quilt once I get their t-shirts, and my son's quilt that needs a major repair job - his dog ripped the binding off one end and did a bit of chewing damaged. I think I posted a picture of that a couple of months ago. I made my t-shirt quilt with the concert t-shirts I collected in the 90's and it never leaves my bed.