Saturday, June 4, 2011

no leftovers

When you make a t-shirt quilt there are a lot of t-shirt scraps left over, mostly all of the backs and a lot of the bottoms... what do to with all this? Back in the old days we could just toss stuff in the trash, but now we have to think twice about what we send to the landfill.

I asked around to my quilty friends and got answers like they make great soft cleaning cloths, but Pam came back with the answer I was looking for without even knowing it - cut into strips and crochet rugs, colorful soft rugs for your kitchen floor or where ever!

These shirts were collected and worn for many years, then they were made into a quilt that will last for many more years, and now the scraps will be a cozy rug, talk about reusing and recycling! Pictured - Carrie's tees #2.

T-shirt quilts are like blogs, holding memories and good times, documenting dates and places, each piece placed and set in time.

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