Friday, June 10, 2011


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For many years Kay Curbow has taken in animals in need, taken them to the vet, fed them, gave them medicine, found them homes. Thanks to her understanding husband (who has been nominated for sainthood by the family), their farm has become an animal sanctuary, a foster home for those just passing through waiting on a new home, a nursing home for the blind and crippled, a hospice for those with terminal illnesses. At any one time I imagine there are at least a hundred animals there. Most are cats and dogs, but they take in anyone that needs help, well, animals anyway.

Kay tirelessly scours the alleys in Blue Ridge for strays and make sure they get fed and 'fixed' if she can catch them. She collects free dog and cat food where ever it is being offered - from animal shelters or grocery stores with 'broken bags'. She helps out with pet adoptions, many a Saturday have been spent in parking lots and festivals trying to find appropriate homes for her friends. She extensively interviews potential families as to their pet philosophy, whether the home is a safe environment (traffic? fences?). Not everyone qualifies and she has been known to repossess a pet if the care doesn't measure up.

Long overdue, Kay was recently recognized for her Community Service - for her care of "all creatures great and small". She was chosen for this by another animal advocate, Evelyn Hice-Griffin of the The William Evelyn Hice-Griffin Foundation which supports education and animal protection organizations.

Evelyn Hice-Griffin presents award to Kay Curbow

If you are in Blue Ridge, stop by and see the menagerie and be prepared to take home a pet. We are all proud of our family member/sister/aunt/weird cat lady, Kay!

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Anonymous said...

seeing Kay Tidwell Curbow made my entire year! We went to college together all four years and she is an amazing personand I see she has been all her life, God bless her work with animals, Richard Davy