Thursday, March 5, 2009

27 and counting...

Happy 27th birthday to Carrie!

here are a few things about Carrie that come to mind...

she likes to dress up

travel the world

dress up

be wild and crazy

be a redneck

eat dessert first

be creative

she is a photographer


little sister

fun aunt

carpenter in training

Just a few of the many facets that make up our youngest, here's hoping you have a great day, Carrie!

And look, I didn't use the word special at all! Oops...


Pam said...

Gotta love a gal who is confident enough in who she is to wear her Sunday best while training to be a carpenter!

Happy Bday to Carrie!!


Rick said...

....and all the beautiful women do live in the mountains...Got proof now!LOL!!