Thursday, February 12, 2009


Burnt Mtn lookout
Every weekend we go through a transition from one life to another, from plains to mountains in 2 hours. We go from a week of cozy camper life to a weekend in our mountain home of 32 years. For a couple of days we can stretch out, catch up, do homework, laundry, and get ready to head back out again.

Sunday afternoon we leave out, riding the mountain ridges enjoying the distant views and travel down to the rolling plains and farms of Franklin county. Sometimes we want to stay home, but sometimes we can't wait to leave, maybe it is the anticipation of eating out on the way, or just to get back to our little PK hideaway.

This past Sunday evening we cooked out on the grill and enjoyed sitting in the warm evening sun, all was peaceful and quiet in this little town, except for the Methodist church chimes which we haven't gotten tired of yet.

Of course everything changes from Sunday evening to Monday morning, we are in fact living in a construction zone. Looking out in our little yard we have a plethora of construction equipment, trucks, and lumber. On Monday morning the Sunday evening peace is filled with sounds of construction - equipment beeping, hammering of the carpenters, the big diesel dump trucks coming and going.

In addition to hauling off demolition debris and delivering dirt and gravel, the big dump trucks also have subliminal messages to deliver - wait for it… it hits you like a dump truck:

So we have the best of both worlds, we are enjoying living in this little town of Royston, walking to eat at Bob's, browsing the antique stores, and going home on the weekends to keep up with all the goings on there. Life is good!

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