Friday, February 13, 2009

window shopping

Shopping in downtown Royston, mostly just window shopping or looking, but I had to get this little folk art 'Quilt Barn'. I saw some nice old quilts which were about $55. I guess that is a good price, but just looking for now.

I met some nice people, shop owners trying to make a living. This is not a tourist town, so there is not much traffic to sustain the shops. One man said Royston is a great place to live if you work somewhere else.

The antiques are interesting to look at, they bring back memories of furniture and furnishings seen at my grandparents' house. But I have never been one to buy anything like that, we have way more 'stuff' than we need at home already. It is fun to look at, something to do after work, just walking around town.


Pam said...

"Quilt Barn" is perfect for you! How fun! Hmmmm~ Maybe Buddy needs to create one of his beautiful wood wall art using your barn quilts as a model? Hmmmm??? Maybe he needs to create for each of the quilt designers? Hmmmm~


Suzette said...

Hi Susan,

I'm curious as to who made the quilt barn artwork. Obviously the barn isn't local, so I am intrigued. Also, one of the things I am tracking is how the barn quilts have created opportuntiies for folks to create other types of art. There is a woman in Colorado who is painting all of the Iowa quilt barns--just another piece to the puzzle.

Any info on this? Or if you can tell me where you got it, I can give them a call.


Suzi (of the quilt trails book)