Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin pickers

Burt's Pumpkin FarmBurt's Pumpkin Farm

heavy loadCan I have this one, Mom?

shopper modeI wonder if I can get a discount for the imperfections?

pumplin pickersMadison, Sarah, and Racheal - pumpkin pickers extraordinaire.

We waited our turn to jump into the traffic, timing it just right like playing jump rope on the schoolyard, and followed the line of cars with a single destination in mind as if receiving ESP from the Great Pumpkin herself.

Like Halloween zombies we joined in the flow down the hill from the parking lot, into the sea of orange and crowd of people. Our senses were bombarded with the sights and sounds and smells of the pumpkin patch.

Photo ops abounded, babies in wheelbarrows, kids picking out the perfect one, parents capturing it all in their digital memories and virtual scrapbooks.

Shopping done, wheelbarrow full, our noses guided us toward that heavenly smell of baked pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.

All was quiet on the ride home, with full bellies and a trunk full of pumpkins, another annual tradition checked off the to do list on this fall day..

~photo album here


ET said...

I like warts on pumpkins (and gourds), they add character.

colleen said...

It's so easy to see how so many fairy tales are written around pumpkins. They are so out of this world!

Kerri said...

Nothing says fall quite like a pumpkin farm and kids picking out the perfect one. Oh, and pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread...and fall foliage...of course!
All wonderful sights and smells...and fun!
Great photos, Susan :)