Monday, October 27, 2008


monkey in the treeThe guys from Eastside Tree Works came out Saturday morning, climbing up trees like monkeys. Cables were strung to nearby tall trees to lift the downed tree away from the house.

spectator sportSections of tree trunk were cut to reduce the weight while the top was still supported by cables. A rare sight - Buddy with hands in pockets watching someone else work.

man's workThe tree finally on the ground, the fun begins! It didn't take long to clean this up, the tree service even brought a chipper to make short work of all these limbs.

all that's leftThe end result of a couple of long days.

As we often say, it could have been a lot worse. So glad the tree did not hit the house or do any damage.

Thanks to the mighty oak for the years of shade to keep us cool, and for the big stack of firewood to keep us warm.

Especially thanks to Eastside Tree Works for a job well done.


Kerri said...

That must've been quite an unsettling sight to wake up to! It's good that your hubby called in the help..worth it, I'm sure.
And the firewood makes it a happy ending - warmth and the smell of wood smoke - two of the better things that winter temps bring.
Thanks for sharing those pictures. I'm so glad that your house wasn't damaged.

The Calico Cat said...

Wow that was close... Did the tree guys split all of that wood for you too?

Byron Chesney said...

That's one good looking pile of wood you got there!

Mimi said...

Hey Susan, I'm having to learn to identify trees for my nature center job. They are amazing. Nice photos of the job too.