Thursday, September 11, 2008

kids space

Kids room redo - once every 3 years the kids get to redecorate their rooms. And by the time 3 years has passed, they are definitely ready for a change, as they themselves have changed so much during that time.

Racheal's new decor features bright mod orange with lots of posters of her favorite bands - a big change from the jungle scene with bright blue and green walls and lots of stuffed animals. More pictures of Racheal's room here.

Madison went from ocean waves and beach scene to calming (chocolate milk colored) walls and a Paris theme, a reading nook, window seat, and desk with file cabinet. More pictures here.

Behind the scenes, Melissa does all the work, from shopping to painting, but she loves it! The rooms are as different as the girls, and everyone is very happy with their new digs.


em's scrapbag said...

What a great idea to change decor every three years. Your girls rooms are great. I love the fun of the bright room and the calm of the other.

Tug said...

We just recently painted our 15-year old daughter's room with the hot pink and lime green. Looks very similar to the one in your pictures. She loves it, I hate it! My son's room is Home Depot orange with flame borders. I love his room!