Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dolly for President

Over the weekend Dolly Parton was in concert at LA's Greek Theatre.

Some fans wore T-shirts reading, "Dolly for President."

"I don't think so!" Parton said of her presidential aspirations. "I think there have been enough boobs in the White House."

"People are always asking me in interviews, 'What do you think of foreign affairs?' I just say, 'I've had a few.' "

And the boob jokes were aplenty. "They say, 'What do you think about global warming?' " Parton said. "I say, 'If my globes get too warm, I just take my sweater off.' "

Gotta love Dolly, she always tells it like it is. Hmmm, maybe Dolly for President isn't such a bad idea!


June said...

Those are funny quips...typical of her wit. She's one smart lady!

Motherkitty said...

Yeah, she's smart, but I feel badly for her attempts at retaining her youthful beauty by having all that plastic surgery. She really looks plastic now -- just like Joan Rivers.

dot said...

I love her music! I read her book and I've never felt the same about her. She is beautiful and talented and never had to act like a tramp to make money. So I guess she likes being a tramp.
Sorry! Nice post and I do admire the things she has done.