Monday, June 23, 2008

sunday drive

Helton Creek Falls
the open road is calling
feel the wind in your hair
the sun on your arms
see the layers of blue mountains
smell the fresh cut hay
watch the ribbon of road
narrow into the horizon
through the wavy heat lines

It is American as apple pie, ingrained for generations, centuries even. We have been encouraged to travel, see the country. Go West young man! See the USA in your Chevrolet. Get your kicks on Route 66.

With the price of gas, we no longer just hop into the car and drive around. Sure it is easy enough during the work week to not run to town for every little thing, to save up all errands for one trip, saving on gas and money.

But on Sunday, it is a different thing altogether. On Sunday, the sun is shining, the road is calling…

Desoto Falls

We went in search of waterfalls and found Desoto Falls, Helton Creek Falls, and beautiful daylilies.


~photo album here


Finn said...

Morning Susan, what lovely pictures...I'd definitely drive a mile or three to see those *VBS*
Just can't give up EVERYTHING, nor should we!
I think Sunday drives are more beneficial than marriage counciling or shrinks. If only the world would slow down and look around for something nature provides in beauty in elegance.
Maybe we can give up the "going to WalMart" permenantly?? I know why we go...but at times it seems like the same kind of habit as disposable diapers and throw away containers.
Have a wonderful summer. Hugs, Finn

June said...

I agree, while gas prices are making me think a bit before just getting in the car to go exploring, I can't not do it. Exploring and seeing are built into my DNA!

doubleknot said...

Beautiful pictures. The price of gas has even effected me and I don't go that often. Making one trip do for serveral errands is a must now.

My friend used to be the one to drive us around once in a while but with him gone I haven't felt like going alone.