Wednesday, June 25, 2008

full circle

new tent 2008
This time 35 years ago we were gathering up supplies for our very first camping trip - tent, sleeping bags, Coleman stove, lantern, pots and pans.

We have camped out over the years in many different ways - tents, a truck camper, motorhomes, and a travel trailer. They keep getting bigger and harder to fit into campsites and less like real camping.

Now we find ourselves once again looking at tent camping, so once again we are gathering up supplies - tent, sleeping bags, Coleman stove, lantern, pots and pans. There is not much left from our first camping trip, so far we have only found our original Coleman stove and one sleeping bag.

We got a new tent, it is very different from our first one. The new one is nylon and lightweight versus the old heavy canvas one. But the biggest difference is the poles. The new poles are small, fiberglass, and interconnected with elastic cord. The old ones were of course bigger and aluminum, and who can forget that sound of clanging tent poles echoing through the campground…

Our new tent is pitched in the back yard, and has been there for a few days. We waterproofed the seams as suggested, and let it stay out in the thunderstorm Saturday night. Of course there are a few puddles inside, but what else is new!

Our first camping trip was on our honeymoon 'cross country. We traveled west from Georgia, across the Mississippi River, drove through miles and days of corn in Kansas, and finally arrived at our destination, the Colorado Rockies, just in time for the gas shortage in the summer of '73. We took our place in the long lines at the gas stations in Denver, the gas being rationed out on even/odd days according to your license plate number.

We have come full circle in the 35 years we have been married, it is all so different, yet all so very much the same.

honeymoon 1973
cooking on the Coleman stove 1973


The Calico Cat said...

about 1/4 of me wants to go "camping" = the other 3/4's doesn't want to have anything to do with it. (I am scarred from my childhood...)

jellyhead said...

Woo-hoooooooo! Look at you in your short shorts and cropped top.... you look so cute!

I love camping, and we, too, have a great lightweight tent with the stretchy poles. Ours has two rooms (we use one for 'stuff'- no threats from bears here!- & for the kids to play in, and one for our beds, which we keep zipped closed until bedtime), both of which allow you to stand at full height, which I LOVE (hate bending into tents), yet it takes only about 5 minutes to assemble.

There's nothing like food you cook yourself in the outdoors after walking/swimming/being active all day.

And we even sleep well on those self-inflating mattresses.... is that cheating?!

June said...

My hat's off to you...that your body still can sleep in a tent!

Sheila in Ohio said...

Susan, I love your pictures and stories from traveling! And that 1973 picture sure brought back a lot of memories for me. Thanks for sharing, always.

Pam said...

Had to laugh when I read this post...we too have 'been there, done that' and now we are going back to our roots. When we got married (1977) we asked for camping equipment for wedding gifts. Tent, stove, sleeping bags, etc...packed it all up and headed out for our honeymoon...Crater Lake and Diamond Lake. This summer will see us back in a tent, Coleman stove and lantern...what once fit into the back of a pickup now fits in our little HHR with room to spare...LOL

LOVE the pick of you in your "Daisy Dukes"!! Crack me up!


Motherkitty said...

Susan, you are soooo cute in that picture.

Hope you guys have a great camping trip. I'm not much for camping -- my choice is a room at the Marriott or Hilton and has a nice, hot shower. I do like cooking out of doors, though. I envy your adventurous spirit.

Byron said...

Yep, tent camping is the best way to go. I can't stand those big ol' RV's and campers that people haul around pretending to be "roughing it." It's a tent or on top of the ground for me.

Kerri said...

oh how cute you were...and still are, of course :)
What a trip down memory lane! We used to love camping too, but having a dairy farm didn't allow much 'getting away' time.
I'd still be happy in a tent, as long as I had a comfortable air mattress to keep me off the hard ground. Dese 'ol bones couldn't take it anymore :)