Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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Calgary Tower

We are heading up to Canada in 9 days! Before heading out into the wilds of the Banff and Jasper National Parks, we will be in Calgary for a short time. We looked online to see what there was to do or see in the city, and found lots of touristy type stuff. Since we know that geocaching is a great way to see local sites, we looked up Calgary geocaches and there were hundreds to choose from.

I contacted a Calgary geocacher and asked for advice, what are the MUST-SEE places/caches/attractions? Denise from Geoks was kind enough to answer my e-mail and has put together a list of places to see, places not to waste time on, and caches to find. One of the must-see sights is the Calgary Tower.

When looking for a picture of the tower on webshots, I found this one above. I was browsing the other pictures by this photographer, and discovered he is from here in Georgia and has lots of pictures of all the places we are going, like Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary. So if we don't get good pictures, we can always look at these.

Thanks to our virtual tourguides, Denise at GeoKs and Rich on webshots! We are looking forward to seeing these great places in person, just 9 days!

~photo of Calgary Tower found here on webshots


June said...

I'd never heard of geocaching before. What a terrific idea...especially in this day in age where time and gas are precious. I Googled geocaching and found the "official" site for it. I entered Floyd County's zip to see what came up. It actually came up with 669 entries for the area. I'm going to have fun browsing through them.

Pam said...

You know, we geocachers seem to have a sort of underground link all over the world. If you need info about any area, just contact a geocacher! One local geocacher has a saying "You meet the nicest people geocaching." We whole heartily agree!


Gypsy Quilter said...

I can tell you're just a wee bit excited! Such fun.

andsewitis Holly said...

Cache locations are always the first thing I think about when I'm planning a trip. And I agree with Pam - I've never met a cacher I haven't liked.

GeoHunt.ca said...

Good luck with your geocache hunt while you are up in Canada. If you will be anywhere near Edmonton check out my recently hidden geocache at www.geohunt.ca

(sorry about the double post... I clicked the wrong spot)