Friday, May 2, 2008

just another week...

Power lunch observed out my office window

Creativity at the new magnetic chalkboard wall

Radical designs for The Barn Quilt Project

Research for the upcoming vacation

Kudos from online friends


1 May 2008 deer in the yard
1 May 2008 Melissa's latest painting project
1 May 2008 Racheal likes pink

Banff for Dummies! Perfectly appropriate reading material.

Thanks to blogger June for this neat award!


June said...

What a lucky girl you are to have a view like that outside to look at throughout the day...

I had no idea that the Dummies books extended into the travel industry...and then I thought, why not! Not much longer :-)

You're very welcome!

Kerri said...

Susan, hope you didn't think I'd forgotten you! I had fun catching up with your thoughts and activities tonight.
Your deer are up close and personal I see! And rabbits eating your hostas! Boo to that! Love your beautiful flowering trees. Yah spring!
Love the new barn quilt painting project too. What a neat idea!
Those Dummies books are such fun. What a wonderful place to visit and you'll have some awesome photo opportunities!
I can't wait to see it through your camera eye :)