Thursday, May 1, 2008

broaden your horizons

Google has a lot of good services to use, for free, like Blogger, Picasa, and Google Earth. I just discovered iGoogle where you can customize your Google page with lots of widgets. My favorite is "Places to See Before You Die" which features pictures like these above. Of course, it is advertising a travel service, but this whole post sounds like an ad for Google.

Just gotta love anything for free, something to do whilst supposedly working, and broadening my horizons all at the same time!


doubleknot said...

Great pictures. Any thing free is great.

June said...

You'll soon be checking off the Canadian Rockies from this list!

Finn said...

Neat idea Susan, and after all, free is free!
Pretty soon I think Google will own the world! Maybe they can lower the price of gas??
Love the Bank Job post...too funny!
Any quilting these days??? Think of you often, Hugs, Finn

Joann said...

I have family that talks to Google staff occasionally. One of the "perks" of working there, is that they give you one day a week to work on your own project that you want to develop. That's why all these free tools are being developed. One day a week, a geek is doing something they feel passionate about. I'm glad someone is happy with their job.