Monday, April 7, 2008

spring bling

Evidence of the end of another cold, gray, dead winter - color bursts forth once again. Blue sky, red and yellow tulips, finally!

~photos 6 April 2008 in the yard


June said...

Oh my...what beautiful pictures! I don't think I've seen pictures of flowers that have been this vivid and clear. That last one, especially. I just look further and further into it. Isn't nature wonderful: pulling itself out of the depths of winter and renewing itself each year

jellyhead said...

Oooh, tulips! They're my favourite flower.

You live in such a wonderful place Susan. Happy Spring to you!

Joann said...

Wow, those are some tulips! I love the yellow one with the red embelishment. Georgia O'Keefe-ish.

I bought some Coleus plants and some planters today. I repotted a trumpet plant, and made up two window planters -- one with a Dahlea (sp?) and some mint, and the other with some Zinneas (sp?). I've never been very successful with growing things. It'll be interesting to see if I have any success this year or kill more green things. I'd like to be optimistic, but I've killed way too many plants for that to be a realistic goal. Sigh. It sure was good to sit in the sunshine for a while today though!