Friday, April 4, 2008

games people play

Looking for some family fun? Look no further, I have just what you need.

Award winning math games developed right here in the north Georgia mountains. Add, subtract, multiply, divide - whatever it takes to get the right score - you can even take your shoes off if it will help.

Invented by our next door neighbors, teachers in a former life, hey - they are even kinfolk!

Check out the demo - is that niece Heidi? Look, y'all - Heidi is on the internet! Wow, living next door to actors and producers, Hollywood here in the country.

All kidding aside, the games are fun and educational, quality wooden products, have won multiple awards (including Mensa), and we are very proud of y'all!

Muggins Math


LZ Blogger said...

This looks like a cool game. I 've never seen this one before! ~ jb///

Finn said...

Looks like fun Susan, and living next to big time producers?? Wow!
I'll have to think about that for the older grandsons...great idea!
Hugs, Finn
P.S. LOVE the flower pictures *VBS*

Mimi said...

I seem to remember hearing about this game before.?? It sounds fun.