Tuesday, April 8, 2008

walk on the wild side

In search of wildflowers on a Sunday afternoon walk. Looking for leaves of three, but not the bad kind. When you spot the signature 3 leaves of the low trilium plant, you have to bend down to see the 3 petals of the flower hanging below.

And when you spot some purple-green leaves low to the ground, you have to raise them up to discover the row of little pigs underneath.

Unlike the showy tulips or bright daffodils, wildflowers in the woods are more subtle, but well worth the walk or hike to find them.

~photos 6 April 2008 in the woods


June said...

Those little fellas remind me of the plant in the movie "Little Shop Of Horrors"...perhaps they were the inspiration for it. It almost looks like the one has teeth.

Byron said...

You have given me a bad case of camera envy. I'm thinking about going out on the back porch and slinging my little Kodak Easy Share into the woods.

Seeing Anew said...

I love Trillium -- looks like you found the white and the purple. I heard the white was on the threatened list a while ago. Hopefully it's made a comeback. Wildflower walks are the best!