Monday, March 24, 2008

our Older sister

Has it really been 6 years since your big 60th birthday party? Let's see, that would make your age...

Do you remember the party your loving family gave you? Do you remember the coffin and baby pictures and rocking chair and all those friends and family who came to see how you were holding up?

Remember when...

Remember having Anthem,
and only one dog and one cat?
Remember Buddy with long hair
and always a hat?

Remember a tall dark stranger
riding up your drive?
Remember him meeting the folks -
will he survive?

Remember simpler times,
simpler ways, the PK days?
Remember vacations,
honeymoons, and chalets?

Remember our Disney World
camping trip?
Remember cookouts, hamburgers,
and potato chips?

Remember being pregnant
at the same time?
Remember our life-changing
year of '79?

Remember the adoption
you signed up for?
Remember hearing 'It's a girl!'
at the grocery store?

Remember watching
our babies play together?
Remember wishing
for good camping weather?

Remember the parenting
class we took?
Remember bandaids and pets
and story books?

Remember picnicking
at Fall Creek Falls?
Remember playpens,
highchairs, and overalls?

Remember hiking trips
and shopping trips?
Remember car seats
and tents that drip?

Remember Thanksgiving dinners
and Christmas Eve nights?
Remember security blankets,
sleepers, and nightlights?

Remember when I had
no sister named Kay?
I do, and I
just want to say,

I'm glad you're
my sister til the end
But just as much,
I'm glad you're my friend.

~Susan Tidwell 2002

Happy Birthday, Kay!

from your sister and friend

Love, Susan


june said...

It's so nice to have someone to share old family times with. It gives you a sense of being anchored. I miss having it.

PS: if this is a duplicate comment I apologize...the first one didn't show up as it normally does.

jellyhead said...

You (and Kay) have some precious memories there. What a fond, sweet and funny poem.

Kerri said...

A beautiful, affectionate tribute to your sister.
You write wonderful poetry.