Thursday, March 27, 2008

playing hooky

view from Talona Mountain toward the Cohuttas

Georgia to Maine trip on the AT begins here

Took a couple of days off work, hanging out with Kyle. The weather was perfect, the company even better. He is 13 and the days are numbered for hanging out with granma! We had a great time shopping, hiking, geocaching.


jellyhead said...

Sounds, and looks, like fun!

You must be regarded as a pretty 'cool' Grandma if Kyle's still happy to hang out with you at the age of 13!

June said...

I once had planned to hike the entire trail...then adjusted it to just the southern half. Alas, I never got to it...I think mostly because I couldn't find anyone who would do it with me. Now, I doubt I could.

dot said...

When we were dating (about 9 years ago) my husband and I drove up Springer Mountain. We almost never found how to get there as there were no markings. I cried all the way up because we were in his pickup and I was terrified on that narrow road with no way to turn around. I was some glad to get to the top! Ok so I'm a sissy. lol
Glad you had a nice day out with your grandson.

Seeing Anew said...

Wow what a cool grandma to take your grandson hiking. Not many grandma's can do that! What a fun day. Your Appalachian Trail photo, as always, makes me homesick for the trail.