Friday, February 22, 2008

vicarious thrills

Air Force Thunderbirds
flyover at the
50th running of the Daytona 500

tourists on the track

the party's over

Living vicariously through our kids' adventures, Carrie's recent trip to NASCAR's Daytona 500.

~more pictures here

~Thunderbirds at Daytona - story here


colleen said...

I hate the way they sound, but they make an impressive photo shoot (pun?). The last one looks like fireworks through a window (car?).

June said...

That's a pretty impressive fireworks photo...not easy to capture so clearly. We've always, always had an air show here in Ft. Lauderdale - at the beach. But this year's was the last. It's hard to believe. A part of me never thought it was a good use of fuel, but I'll miss having them.

Kerri said...

We saw the Blue Angels in Rochester a couple of years ago and I was very impressed. Who would've thought I'd enjoy an airshow, especially in 95ยบ heat? But with grandkids anything is fun :) They sure are noisy though..the jets, that is.
Sounds like Carrie had a fun time.