Friday, February 29, 2008

peace out

roll over

go back to sleep

It's leap day, a whole extra day in the year. It should be a national holiday once every 4 years.

So why should you have to work? And it is on Friday, woohoo a 3 day weekend!

Especially if you work on a fixed annual salary, you would be working for free.

The folks at Peace Frogs are claiming this as "The Day of the Frog" (get it - frogs - leap day) so hop on over there, see what they have planned for this special day, and while you are there, get a t-shirt to celebrate the holiday. Love their designs, something for everyone - rural, tropical, here's mine:

Now go back to bed, and enjoy your holiday!


Pam said...

Whoo hoo!! Signal the Frog will love this! peace out!


Byron said...

If only my place of employment shared your appreciation for leap day! But, alas, I sit here with my laptop connected through the VPN...At least it's Friday!

Rick said...

Must have slept though it...;-)

Kerri said...

Huh, what day was that??? :)