Friday, February 1, 2008


On what side of the tree does the moss grow?

you have brains in your head
you have feet in your shoes
you can steer yourself
any direction you choose
~ Dr. Seuss

~photo 27 January 2008 Amadahy Trail at Carters Lake


June said...

Er...the shady side?

Meryl said...

I love the way the moss seems to almost glow in this picture.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Hmmm, what time of day was the picture taken?

dot said...

If this is a test I've flunked. lol. When I was a kid I'd dig up that moss and make a little garden in a container.

Kirk M said...

Folklore has it that that moss always grows on the north side of the tree but I'll go with the shady side.

Ahh, no snow on the ground and here we're looking forward to a major ice storm. Enjoy the fine weather when it's there. Thanks for the pic!

June said...

I'm back...have been thinking about this since this morning. Turns out my first comment is sort of right, but not completely right. Here's what I found out:

In northern latitudes, the north side of trees and rocks will generally have more moss on average than other sides (though south-side outcroppings are not unknown). This is assumed to be because of the lack of sufficient water for reproduction on the sun-facing side of trees. South of the equator the reverse is true. In deep forests where sunlight does not penetrate, mosses grow equally well on all sides of the tree trunk.

This would have made a great Friday Fact!

janeywan said...

Haven't a clue, but it's a great photo.

jellyhead said...

Well, you've certainly got us all straining our brains here!

Thanks June for the information :)

Andrea said...

Cute poem. Love the pretty green moss.

Susan said...

Moss grows on the north side of the tree. Thanks June for doing the homework!

Kerri said...

Funny the things we've never thought about until someone brings up the question :) I learned something here!
Thanks for stirring the thought processes!
The photo is a beauty!