Tuesday, January 29, 2008

vintage patchwork

Green zebras? Vintage fabric circa ? date.

I would love to know the approximate date these fabrics were used, I wonder how I would find that out? I would like to incorporate the date into a quilt label. Also, any ideas on quilt labels?

The end is in sight for my longtime quilting project!


jellyhead said...

That fabric is gorgeous! I have no idea when it would date from (of course.... we both know I am completely un-craft-y!)

Yay! for you, being approaching completion of your quilting project. That was a New Years resolution of yours, was it not? Good on you for following through.

Hope your day's been a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I read your blog all the time. We own land off Clear Creek Road, so someday we'll be "neighbors"!

You can make quilt labels on the computer--just the border design and hand-write the middle or do it all from a computer program. Cut a piece of freezer paper 8 1/2 X 11, iron a piece of fabric (I usually use muslin) and handfeed it into the printer. Do your design and print it on "landscape." That way if it prints a little crooked you have enough space around the border to still cut it out straight.

You probably know about this method with all your quilting experience, but it has worked for me many times.


doubleknot said...

Sorry can't help out on dates for your fabric just wanted to say it looks like a really neat quilt.

deerie65775 said...

the blue flower looks like a feedsack.. does it 'feel' like one?
If it is, that would help date it.

It is a great looking quilt.
Are you making the quilt from vintage fabrics, or is it a quilt top you've acquired/inherited?? (or did I miss that in the post.. sorry if I did).

This is a great blog!